Message from Susan Taylor

Our Mission: to motivate, inspire, and celebrate personal accomplishment and wellness.

Hello, I’m Susan Taylor, founder of the Quantum Scale.

For years, I watched the problem of poor body image become more and more prevalent for both men and women in nearly every walk of life. And although their losing weight was perhaps the most effective solution, there was a prevailing feeling of discouragement and a “what’s the use, I’ll just gain it back again” attitude for those considering making yet another attempt to loose those pounds and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Adding to the problem, it seemed that every six months or so there’s was a new fad diet that guaranteed “you’ll lose that weight and keep it off.” Most, if not all, had limited or no results. In fact, most people became discouraged, abandoned their current diet and put the weight back on (plus a few pounds).

A more positive and innovative approach was needed.

Convinced that most people simply needed a more meaningful and positive boost to help them with their weight loss program, I created an inexpensive scale that would provide that boost and make them feel much better about themselves in the process—the Quantum Scale. The Quantum Scale never shows you how much you weigh! Instead, your displayed weight loss or gain provides an up-to-the-moment snapshot of your progress each time you step on the scale. This creates a very powerful and positive mind/body connection that keeps you on track and feeling good about yourself.

I’m proud of the Quantum Scale and am overjoyed when I receive stories of how it has changed the lives of real people. And it’s very rewarding (and quite a turnaround!) each time someone tells me that they now have a scale that they love to step on

Order your Quantum Scale today in one of six designer colours and see what a difference it can make!

Common Quantum Scale Side Effects May Include:

Faster Weight Loss

Easier weight maintenance

Increased self confidence

Mood elevation

Looser-fitting jeans

These side effects may persist as long as the Quantum Scale is used


Order your Quantum Scale today in one of six designer colours. On a Quantum Scale the possibilities are endless!

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