5 Forbidden Foods You Can Eat

Each diet comes with its own set of rules. Most of them ban foods that contain too much fat or carbs, but you should keep in mind that the key to a healthy and balanced diet is not to deny yourself any foods or food groups, but to balance what you eat by having a variety of foods from each […]

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Finally: A Scale That Doesn’t Weigh You Down!

Dieters can become obsessed with “the number” we see when we step on the scale to measure our progress. So, when I came across the Quantum Scale, I realized it might just allay that dread. Rather than displaying your weight, it shows you the total number of pounds you’ve lost (or gained) since you began dieting (and programmed the scale […]

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Gastric Bypass Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

Obesity is a chronic disease that increases your risk for other conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Healthcare providers often advise patients to eat a healthy balanced diet that includes more fruits and vegetables and less fat and sugar, and engage in

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