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Quantum Secret: A quantity without the knowledge of others

By Mary Mead

I was at my darkest point, the lowest of low and then suddenly out of nowhere, a light began to emerge. Yanking out the final piece of laundry and a long missing shoe, I could now clearly see under the bed, all the way to the other side! Mission accomplished. And if the truth were known, it was the first mission I’d undertaken, let alone accomplished in about 18 months. I certainly didn’t set out to clean under the bed and if I still had a cleaning lady, she’d be so fired. I couldn’t believe what was under that bed. For crying out loud, did you really think that I’d believe all that crap had accumulated in a mere 18 months? I think not.

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(Reader’s Digest Recommends) Finally: A Scale That Doesn’t Weigh You Down! Dieters can become obsessed with “the number” we see when we step on the scale to measure our progress. So, when I came across the Quantum Scale, I realized it might just allay that dread. Rather than displaying your weight, it shows you the total number of pounds you’ve lost (or gained) since you began dieting ...

Bobbie’s Buzz: Scales that help you lose weight With Halloween candy hanging around the office, Thanksgiving feasts right around the corner and holiday parties soon popping up, it\’s very easy to pack on those extra pounds. These savvy scales may be a smart solution to help you maintain your ideal weight. If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it:

Track Your Weight Loss Only With The Quantum Scale! Quantum Scale Only Displays Your Weight Loss You’ve decided to actively work on achieving your weight loss goals, but you’re dreading stepping on the scale to see just how much damage has been done in the months that you’ve been AWOL from your weight loss program. Why does it seem emotionally traumatic to come face to ...

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#1: Revolutionary scale makes losing weight easier than ever

The Quantum Scale tracks the user’s progress rather than their actual weight. City, State or Province (Posting Agency) June ___, 2010.

The Quantum Scale is a personal weight loss product that focuses on the progress of the user rather than their desire to reach a target or ideal weight. Upon initial use, the scale registers (but does not display) the actual weight of the user, storing it in the scale’s memory. From that point on, the scale only displays weight loss or gain.*

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#2: The Quantum Scale helps in the fight against childhood obesity

Positive reinforcement rather than setting a target weight is the key to success.
City, State or Province (Posting Agency) June ___, 2010.

A new tool for reducing the rate of childhood obesity, the Quantum Scale relies on positive reinforcement and encouragement to help promote weight loss and a healthier lifestyle for children and adolescents.

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#3: The Quantum Scale ushers in a new, more positive approach to weight loss

Creating a positive mind/body connection brings about better results.
City, State or Province (Posting Agency) June ___, 2010.

By focusing on the user’s progress in losing weight rather than their total weight, the Quantum Scale provides the positive reinforcement many need to continue with their weight loss program.

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